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We offer different relaxing and healing massages at a small and quiet roof-top palapa. For bookings please contact front desk.


Balance your body, mind and soul with this deep tissue full body massage. Perfect to combat any kind of stress or tension and to relax in the fresh breeze of our roof-top palapa. 

70 min.  -  1,200.00 MXN

90 min.  -  1,500.00 MXN



Traditional thai technique massage which applies pressure, mobilisations and torsions combined with stretching that takes you to postures very similar to yoga asanas. Deep on muscle level, increases vitality and generates a deep mental relaxation. Given on a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothes.

90 min.  -  1,500.00 MXN


Rejuvenating full body massage, originating from traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine. Ideal for eliminating strongly localized toxins, activating the metabolism and nourishing and strengthening the entire organism. Totally relaxing!

90 min.  -  2,000.00 MXN



Traditional Asian bodywork with Terumi Kim. Live a very unique experience with this traditional Asian healing work that combines spinal alignment, cranio sacral, internal organs chi massage and energy work. Deep relaxation, emotional release and not only physical, but spiritual healing experience. Terumi, born in Japan, first learned from her mother and grandmother and later on from gifted teachers in Japan, Thailand and Mexico - an experience you must not miss if you need any kind of healing.

60 min.    -   1,600.00 MXN

90 min.    -   2,200.00 MXN

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