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Still being a tranquil beach town, San Pancho has quite a bit to offer for its visitors such as music festivals, weekly film screenings and a farmers market to just mention a few things. The Colectivo San Pancho organises a wide range of cultural and artistic events.


A highlight is the San Pancho music festival that attracts music lovers with great public concerts and a relaxed ambience.


We provide a Restaurant and Bar guide for our guests once you arrive and you can find much interesting information about the community on


Sayulita seems to get more crowded every year, but still is a nice town to visit for a day or so. You´ll find nice little shops and a good variety of restaurants and bars.


We recommend the jungle hike from San Pancho to Sayulita, it takes about 1.5 hours, is an easy walk through the jungle and ends on the north end beach of Sayulita. You can combine it perfectly with breakfast or dinner in Sayulita and then take a taxi back to the more tranquil San Pancho.


If you want to party, Sayulita is the place to go once San Pancho´s doors shut down. 



The community center Entreamigos is a bridge between cultures and community that creates educational opportunities for children and families in San Pancho.  They work to empower intellectual, creative and reflective capacities and to develop environmental and cultural consciousness. It´s funded by private donations and onsite businesses.


Entreamigos relies heavily on the support of volunteers. For more information visit their website.


You really need some city feeling or want to do real shopping?


Puerto Vallarta is the place to go. The historical center and pier invite to a charming walk with nice cafés and shops. You can also find shopping centers and big supermarkets such as Walmart and Mega.


A visit can be combined with other activities such as skydiving, ocean diving or a visit in the botanical garden or the crocodile sanctuary. 


Every Tuesday from November to the end of April locals sell organic products and delicious food on the Plaza del Sol, just 1 minute walk from PAL.MAR. On Fridays the Farmer´s Market is located in Sayulita, just a 10 minute drive away. 

The perfect place to supply organic, local food,  with a variety of gluten-free or vegan options, and also you can enjoy live music and buy some handmade crafts from artisans. The multicultural community makes this market as colourful as San Pancho itself.  


It´s too far for a day trip but might be worth to explore if you are planning a longer stay in San Pancho or Mexico.

Mexico´s second biggest city is a cultural and historical point of interest about 3.5 hours drive from the coast. The historical centre, colonial Tlaquepaque or  Tonalá, the  traditional artisan village grown into the metropole are worth to visit as well as a variety of museums or the small town Tequila, where you can enjoy a Tequila Tasting and explore a traditional distillery. 

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