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San Pancho is a small beach town with a unique relaxed atmosphere, cool people from all over the world, nice little shops and restaurants, surrounded by amazing jungle and ocean landscapes. It is located at Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, one hour drive north from Puerto Vallarta Airport and less than a 10 minute drive north from Sayulita. In Mexico “Pancho” is the short name for Francisco, the official name of the village is San Francisco, but everybody lovingly just calls it San Pancho. 


The street where PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical is located is one of the best spots in town. It is close enough to walk everywhere in just a few minutes, but very tranquil at the same time. A grocery store and mini supermarket are less than a minute walk from the hotel. The best coffee shop and craft beer bar in town are just some houses down the street.


There are many cool things going on in town, especially between November and April, such as music festivals, cultural events, life music at restaurants and bars, surf contests and much more. You can also volunteer at a local NGO or discover the surrounding nature in many different ways. 


Nayarit is a state with high biodiversity. The surrounding jungle is home of jaguars, snakes, a variety of birds and many other fascinating animals and plants. The ocean is (especially in the winter months) a natural scenery for whales and dolphins and always a beautiful spot for surfing, snorkelling and diving. 


Visit our ACTIVITIES page to check out everything that San Pancho has to offer. 

The Mexican winter months between November and April are considered the best time to travel to Mexico. While the weather in the northern countries gets cold and unpleasant  Mexico´s sky is mostly blue and sunny. Cool enough to enjoy the sun at the beach and warm enough to go for a swim in the ocean or our solar heated pool. You should always pack a light sweater for the evenings though. 

May, June and October are usually dry months, but warmer than the winter months. We consider it a great time for San Pancho, since it´s less crowded and you can still enjoy mostly everything that this little town has to offer.  

The summer months July, August and September get very hot and humid. Usually it rains for a short time in the afternoon or at night, sometimes strong tropical storms remind us the force of nature. Still it´s a beautiful time of the year, especially for adventurers and surfers. It often brings great waves and the ocean is warm enough to stay inside for hours. The town is not too crowded and you definitely won´t have to worry about bringing a sweater. Only in September many restaurants and shops close down, the rest of the year most attractions are available. 

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