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One of the most important archeological sites in Nayarit gives our guests the opportunity to visit an authentic museum in the middle of the tropical forest. More than 2000 figures carved in stone reveal the ancient culture. Nowadays still a very important sanctuary for different indigenous groups.


A place full of magic and peace that will take you through time. Ideal for culture and archeology lovers.



Temazcal is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge which was practiced since prehispanic times. It´s a ceremonial and therapeutic steam bath with different medicinal herbs and incense. The benefits of the Temazcal are many, toxins are eliminated from the body through sweating, it stimulates and oxygenates the organs, strengthens the immune system and many more.


The Temazcal Ceremony goes beyond a physical benefit, it is a spiritual experience that helps us balance mind, body and spirit.

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Discover a very different México than the one you experience on the coast.


San Sebastián del Oeste is a place out of time, a tiny village right in the Sierra Madre Mountains Range over 5000 ft above the sea level. Its streets, architecture, history and landscape give this place the well-deserved name of Magical Town.

Getting there in a two hour drive it´s the perfect location for a day trip to vary the Mexico experience.

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